Summer school is intended for graduate and post-graduate scientists interested in learning about and advancing the multidisciplinary field of spin-dependent transport across nanomagnetic elements.

School will consist of morning and evening lectures and afternoon computational tutorials. Goal is to have participants prepare and publish a data base on molecules and electrodes to optimize nanoscale spintronics.

More detailed information on the school can be found here.

Carlo Canali, Linnaeus University (www.lnu.se)
Stefano Sanvito, Trinity College Dublin (www.spincomp.eu)
Mark Pederson, Washington

Supported by the NordForsk Network on Nanospintronics.

Computational resources for this educational activity have been provided by NSF.

We also thank the Fondazione Cariplo and the US Departments of Energy (BES) and Defense (ONR-Global and ITC-ATL) for generous sponsorship.

Local support by Centro Volta in the frame of Lake Como School of Advanced Studies.